Brunch Club

A miniature version of our Monday Supper Club! Join us every Saturday and Sunday afternoon for a unique 4 course “not-your-run-of-the-mill” Brunch! More than just eggs on a biscuit or salmon on lettuce.  Come in and open your eyes to what brunch can be. We’ll start you off with a specially designed cocktail and then take you on a multi-course tour of Vietnam’s famous flavors.  Our menu changes monthly and reservations are required for this event.  Brunch Club starts at noon but can last as long as you need it to!


To make reservations:

Please email (Credit card information is needed for confirmation.)

Or call us at 202-333-2569 and ask for a manager.

The Menu

April’s Brunch Club Menu: 4 course Prix Fixe ($99 for 2)

  • Drink Choice: Sprig and Sprout Wake Up Call (House infused lemongrass vodka, garden fresh basil and lime all topped off with soda siphon water) -OR- Sprig and Sprout Afternoon Delight (Juniper gin and elderflower St. Germaine blended with super fine sugar and topped with fresh soda siphon water) – OR – Mimosa/Bloody Mary
  • Course 1: Viet pork and pate meatball baked in a savory puff pastry, served with soft fried egg
  • Course 2:  Seared pork, jumbo shrimp on top of delicate lotus stems and four herb salad
  • Course 3: Entree Choice (selections will vary to include regular menu and off menu items)
  • Course 4: Black eye pea & coconut rice pudding


If for any reason you must cancel, our policy is a follows:

Day of:
Cost of Brunch Club
No cancellation fee any other time