Our Newest Winner

Hayley Ann Steinbarth

A huge congratulations goes out to not only our FIRST FEMALE WINNER, but also our FIRST VEGETARIAN CHAMPION! Thats right. Hayley Ann, a proud regular of Sprig and Sprout, and a local yoga instructor, subbed out the 3.5 Quarts of beef broth and two pounds of flank and brisket for veggie broth with carrots, daikon, broccoli and cauliflower…..AND SHE CRUSHED IT! (With a pretty impressive time, we must say) However, this was not her first challenge. She also claims victory over 2 other challenges. We agree that she would definitely have more if, “..there were more vegetarian challenges to be had.”
Date: 12/4/15
Time: 00:37:03
Height:  ?
Weight:  119
Age: : ?

Hayley Ann

Our Reigning Champ

Ramsey Hilton

Ramsey Hilton was on vacation from Columbus, Ohio for a Halloween outing (in costume as a member of Daft Punk) in DC when he decided to take on the Pho Challenge. On a personal quest to finish challenges in all 50 states and a few US territories, he was able to check Washington, DC off of his list. Since taking up this hedonistic challenge, in the past 5 years he has beaten 279 food challenges in 41 states and the district. (We verified and were very impressed)
Date: 10/31/15
Time: 00:26:17
Height:  6’2″
Weight:  ?
Age: 28

Ramsey Hilton

Other Victorious Challengers

Garrett Flynn

Garrett Flynn, a novice food challenger, has been tackling food challenges all over the United States. On a family vacation to Washington, DC, he walked into Sprig and Sprout and walked out our reigning champion.
Date: 03/29/2015
Time: 00:28:38
Height:  ?
Weight:  ?

Wilson Hoo

Wilson Hoo, on vacation with his wife, walked into Sprig and Sprout for lunch and walked away a Pho Challange Champion.
Date: 11/23/14
Time: 00:30:41
Height:  ?
Weight:  ?

David Flores Jr.

David Flores Jr. came in to compete with 2 other friends who did not fare so well.
Date: 1/17/15
Time: 00:30:20
Height:  5′ 10″
Weight:  ?

Colin McGoodwin

Colin arrived at Sprig and Sprout for the pho challenge with his friend Jeff who did not fare as well in the challenge as Colin. As a devout regular at Sprig and Sprout, he was familiar with the daunting challenge that awaited him. With 6 minutes and 58 seconds to spare, he mustered the courage and finished the bowl. Although he is a regular, little of his details are known because of the physical toll the challenge took on him. (Trying to keep it all down) Stay tuned as we will re-interview him for more information later on. To be continued…
Date: 3/8/15
Time: 00:53:02
Height: ?
Weight:  ?

DC’s First and Only Pho Challenge Is Here

Think You Have What It Takes?

The Dish:

Our Classic Pho Bowl Enhanced For This Challenge.  Two Pounds of Noodles, Two Pounds of Flank and Lean Brisket, 3 1/2 Quarts of Broth & 1 Pound of Sprouts, Onions, & Cilantro.  The custom-made bowl was thrown by John Kerr, The Pottery Instructor at Guy Mason Rec Center.Learn More

The Rules:

One Hour, No Help,  No Sharing, No Bathroom Breaks, Finish It All …And Keep It Down!Learn More

The Reward:

A FREE huge bowl of pho, BRAGGING RIGHTS for life, FAME memorialized with pictures and video on our website and YOUR NAME ENGRAVED along with your completion time on “The Pho Challenge Winners” Plaque that hangs in the restaurant for all our Pho Lovers to see for eternity.Learn More

The Risk:

Can’t Finish It?  You are going to risk NOT RECEIVING a congratulatory pat on the back AND a Walk of Shame in front of friends, family and onlookers, plus you will have to Pony Up $40 to cover the bowl.  But at least you can say you tried and you’ll have some leftover pho as a consolation prize, SO YOU GOT THAT GOIN’ FOR YA, WHICH IS NICE.Learn More