Fear not, ladies and gentlemen.

If you have never experienced Viet food before now, we take the stress out of the new experience. Take a gander, wipe the sweat off your brow and relax, safe in the notion that you can now order and eat like a pro.

How to eat Viet Eggrolls

Viet Eggrolls

The Vietnamese layer flavors and textures like Alaskans layer outerwear. We think it makes everything more delicious and interesting. Plus, we like to play with our food. To really rock and roll, just do as we do.
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How to eat Pho

Pronounced [fuh]

To anyone who’s never had it, Pho looks pretty mysterious. Plates of ingredients, chopsticks, sauces and spoons — where to start? Never fear, at Sprig & Sprout, we’re happy to share our top secrets.
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How to order Banh Mi

Banh Mi
Pronounced [bun mee]

Banh Mi is the fun Viet cousin of the Classic American Sub. We load a fresh baguette with our house aioli and your choice of savory, sweet and spicy fillings to taste. Then, we lie in wait for your happy dance.
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How to eat  Vermicelli

Pronounced [vur-mi-chel-ee]

A staple of doting Vietnamese mothers everywhere, Rice Vermicelli is claimed to have healing powers transcending every woe from broken toys to broken hearts. Just don’t tell mom we pinched her recipe.
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