House Specialties & Happy Hour Available On The Bar Level!

Join us on our Full Fervice Bar Level located above our Quick Service Level for an enjoyable and relaxing evening.


House Specialties

Our Specials are available on the Bar Level only and vary on a daily basis. Below are some of what we offer. We take pride in standing apart. These authentic Viet dishes you can’t find at just any other Viet Restaurant


Banh Pate So
Savory Puff Pastry wrapped around Pork, Garlic, Onions & Rosemary   $4

Cha Trung
An appetizer portion of traditional Vietnamese Pork &Egg Casserole with Woodear Mushroom and Glass Noodles.    $4

Banh Cuon Cha Lua
Steamed Rice Crepes with Cha Lua, Basil, Mint & Garlic Green Onions.     $7

Sup Mang Cua
A special occasion soup of sweet Lump Crab & tender White Asparagus. $7

Nem Nuong Cuon
Soft Rice Paper Rolls wrapped around House made Vietnamese Sausage, crispy Wonton roll, Cucumber, Basil & Mint. Served with Peanut Sauce.$6

Roll Sampler
Love our rolls, and can’t decide? Try our sampler! Pork & Shrimp Eggroll, Vegetarian Eggroll, Shrimp Summer Roll, Veggie Summer Roll.$5


Bo Kho 
A French rooted Beef stew, braised for hours, seasoned with Lemongrass, Cinnamon, & Star Anise.  Served with a Banh Mi baguette to wipe your bowl clean.    $12.50

Ga Ragu
A Hearty Vietnamese Chicken Stew, seasoned with Garlic & Onions in a tomato base.  Served with a Banh Mi baguette to wipe your bowl clean.    $11.50

Bo Luc Lac
Marinated Beef Tenderloin Tips, Wok-Seared and served with a Viet Side Salad in light tangy dressing, and steamed Jasmine Rice.     $12.50

Banh Uot Thit Nuong
Soft Vietnamese Rice Crepes served over a bed of steamed Beansprouts, julienned Cucumbers, and Herb mix.  Topped with our Honey Grilled Pork, and crispy fried onions.   $11.50

Com Thit Nuong Cha Trung
A Vietnamese Combo Platter!  Quarter Pound of Honey Grilled Pork, 2 slices of Viet Frittata, cup of Pho Broth, steamed jasmine rice, cucumbers & do chua.   $12.50

Ga Kho Gung

Suong Nuong
24 hour Sous Vide Pork Spare Ribs served with Jasmine Rice & Viet Side Salad. $12.50

Thit Kho Trung
A Lunar New Years Staple! Braised Pork & Hard Boiled Egg in Caramel Sauce, served with Jasmine Rice. $10.50

Ga Roti
5 spiced Honey Braised Chicken Thigh $11.50

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Happy Hour Food

We offer a few dishes that you will only find on the Bar Level during happy hour. Our happy hour dishes and brunch are the only time we compromise our standards for strict Vietnamese cuisine. Come In and Try our Happy Hour Fusion AppsLearn More