June Supper Club Menu

Monday June 23rd     7 course Prix fixe Menu ($45) Banh Bot Loc(Steamed transparent shrimp and pork dumplings) Bo Tai Chanh(Beef Carpaccio salad with Vietnamese herbs array) Canh He Dau Hu(Tofu and chive soup) Banh Hoi Tom Nuong (Grilled shrimp over delicate rice noodle patties, assorted picked vegetables, La Tia To and Kinh Gioi) Rau Cai Xanh Nam Huong (Green mustard and shitake mushroom saute) Ga Kho Xa(Lemongrass and garlic braised chicken clay pot) Che Khuc Bach (Cold dessert soup of toasted almonds, green tea jellie, and white tremella mushroom) Because seating is limited credit card reservations are required and we have a strict cancellation policy.  Please ask for details   To make reservations: Email: Management@sprigandsproutdc.com Call: 202-333-2569 and ask for Jen or Marc