Supper Club’s 1 Year Anniversary

A Dining Experience Not Found Anywhere Else in DC We are celebrating our 1 year anniversary of Sprig and Sprout’s Supper Club!  A special thanks to everyone who has attended and made this such a popular event in our restaurant!  We are looking forward to familiar faces and new ones as the year moves forward. This month’s spotlight dish is dedicated to the departure of summer, featuring blue crabs locally caught in our Chesapeake Bay, melded with the beauty of summer tomatoes. To accompany this dish are some family favorites, so please join me as I walk you through the greatest flavors Vietnam has to offer.  This is cozy family-style comfort food meant to fill your belly, awaken your taste buds, and expand your foodie knowledge. No pretensions here – just bring your appetite! Monday August 18th, 2014       6 course Prix fixe Menu ($45) Banh Pate So(Savory puff pastry baked around a filling of pork, pate garlic and rosemary) Goi Xoai Tom(Shrimp over a salad of green mango, cucumbers, carrots, rau rum and basil in sweet citrus dressing) Bun Rieu Cua  (Locally sourced and handpicked blue crab in its own  bouillabaisse with stewed tomatoes, aromatic herbs and thin rice noodles) Do Hu Kho Tuong (Tofu and mushrooms braised in light soybean sauce) Ca Chien Nuoc Mam Gung (Lightly battered fish filet drizzled with fragrant ginger garlic fish sauce) Banh Bong Lan (Pandan sponge cake with Matcha green tea whip)   Because seating is limited credit card reservations are required and we have a strict cancellation policy: $20 Cancellation fee within the week of event $45 Cancellation fee day before, or day of event Cancellation fee is only charged if we cannot fill your seat To make reservations: Email: Call: 202-333-2569