October Supper Club Menu

A Dining Experience Not Found Anywhere Else in DC Come meet neighbors and make new friends while experiencing all the flavors Vietnam has to offer. Our very popular Supper Club is an intimate plated 7 course event, ranging from hard to find dishes to family favorites. Please join me as I walk you through the different styles and regions of Vietnam. This is cozy family-style comfort food meant to fill your belly, awaken your taste buds, and expand your foodie knowledge. No pretensions here – just bring your appetite! Mon October 27th 2014 7 course Prix fixe Menu ($45) • Banh Beo Tom (An imperial classic from Central Vietnam. Steamed mini rice crepes with cotton shrimp and crispy pork skin with a seafood infused Nuoc Mam Cham) • Goi Du Du Kho Bo (Tender and sweet Viet style beef jerky over a salad of young green papaya, mint and basil in a black vinegar and sweet soy dressing. ) • Sup Mang Cua (A delicate soup of sweet jumbo lump crab and white asparagus reserved for special occasions) • Mi Xao Don Rau (Mixed vegetables in ginger sauce served over a bed of crispy egg noodles) • Bo Kho (The perfect dish to welcome in winter A French rooted beef stew, braised for hours, seasoned with lemongrass, star anise and cinnamon. Served with banh mi baguette). • Ga Kho Gung Xa (Claypot braised ginger and lemongrass chicken) • Che Dau Xanh (Hot mung bean dessert soup) Because seating is limited credit card reservations are required and we have a strict cancellation policy: $20 Cancellation fee within the week of event $45 Cancellation fee day before, or day of event Cancellation fee is only charged if