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About Sprig and Sprout

Charming and simple, Sprig and Sprout is derived from the traditional Pho accompaniments–basil sprigs and bean sprouts. We take pride in the famous street tradition freshness of Vietnamese cuisine with entrees full of crisp cilantro, crunchy homemade pickles, springy green onions, and snappy daikon. Order any dish how you like it, and you’ll know instantly why we’re called Sprig & Sprout.

Don’t forget to pay your respects to Happy Buddha for even more sprigs and sprouts with our full veg*n menu!
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Our Values: Community, Service, and Great Food

First, we at Sprig and Sprout guarantee an authentic, delicious Vietnamese meal. But we’re more than another Vietnamese restaurant. Driven by community, we value choice, convenience, and conservation in every decision we make. Our desire to make the best Vietnamese food you’ve ever had motivates us. Our love of community involvement sustains us.

Meet the owners.

Chefs and owners Jen and Marc founded Sprig and Sprout in 2012, bringing over three decades of restaurant experience to crafting the best authentic Vietnamese cuisine in D.C. Working in bars, hotels, small eateries, and famous Pho restaurants here and in Vietnam, Jen and Marc infuse their expertise into every dish at S&S.

Hear it from Jen: “We all have such different histories and emotions with food. I know I'll never be able to make your favorite childhood meal as good as your mom did. I wouldn't dare try. What I can do is authentically care and do my best. Having compassion and being honest is always the best path forward and the best way to communicate. I think this works for both food and life.”

Catering to our community…literally.

We believe a small business can and should be more than a moneymaker. Much like the programs that helped our families immigrate to the U.S., we founded the Community Catering Program to seek out and assist organizations that directly support disadvantaged populations.

We choose a deserving nonprofit each month to receive an entire catering order free of charge (worth up to $300). Fill out our form below to nominate an organization you believe deserves a little extra love with a side of banh mi.
Tray of Sprig & Sprout's banh mi

Serving the local Temple

Since 2012, we have coordinated with a local all-female Buddhist temple to source unique and delicious vegan options, such as Vegan Eggrolls and BBQ Seitan. We give back to the temple, providing a consistent and reliable revenue source that enables them to grow.

In our decade-long partnership with the temple, we have sourced enough ingredients and vegan meals from the temple to help them construct a larger building and provide more assistance to their local Vietnamese community.
Monks of Vien An Tu

Too Good To Go–Food Waste Reduction

Serving our community means more than being your go-to neighborhood Vietnamese eatery . It means keeping our city clean, limiting waste, and giving back, which is why we participate in the Too Good To Go program.

Rather than waste unsold food, Too Good To Go repackages and sells leftovers at deep discounts. We make no profit from these sales, and partner with TGTG purely to combat food waste. We’ve saved over 4.5 tonnes of CO2 through food waste reduction already!
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